Wake Up, Child

by the Soil & the Sun

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Braulio Rivas
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Braulio Rivas this is nice
Favorite track: Moshua.
Chelsea Dale
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Chelsea Dale This is honestly one of the most phenomenal albums I have ever heard. Alex is a musical genius. I have never experienced such emotion, love, and life in music in my life. Words cannot explain how much this album, and all of the Soil and the Sun's music, has changed my life and I am so thankful I discovered them. Thank you the Soil and the Sun! Favorite track: Arizona.
Swaffy thumbnail
Swaffy A group of deviants with a selfless spirit who makes truly artistic music, what is there not to love? "There Is No Death" is my favorite sound because I thoroughly enjoy long songs that are designed in a way which makes the song interesting from beginning to end. This whole album is very well worth buying! Favorite track: There Is No Death.
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"Wake Up, Child" is a re-do/do-over of songs previously and sporadically recorded over the past 3 or so years, now all wrapped up and put together as a complete, cohesive album. Please enjoy!


released September 29, 2011

All music written and performed by Alex, Ashley, Ben, Heather, Jacki, Joanna, Michael, and Will. Special thanks to Timbre for recording harp on "There Is No Death".

Lyrics by Alex.

Recorded by Alex at Alex and Ashley's House (Hoi Polloi).

Mastered by Chad Wahlbrink.


all rights reserved



the Soil & the Sun Grand Rapids

the Soil & the Sun are, of course, great partners in the mystery that is creating life, making things grow.

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Track Name: Spirit of Memory
Spirited to the woods
With a gun in his hand
Now free from other's eyes
As a paler version of myself
Shadowed him

Spirit of Memory
She's gone green on me
Now ripening beneath
A moon of ever-aging flaxen beams
And I could feel everything

Spirit of Bravery
"Fear flee from thee!"
Let these sleepy beasts be free
The casings form a crescent at my feet
I enjoy everything
Track Name: WestDownRightUpLeftEast
Human love is a hungry sun
And it's burning all my energy up
But holy love is a giving land
Warming up the earth in my hands

I'm growing up

You're gonna be
Where you ought to be
A new country
All your own

I'm cutting my hair
In the bathroom
You're sleeping there
On your own

Track Name: Like Diamonds
Scratch the golden shore
With diamonds
Healthy and secure
If they lied...

Oh, forbidden words
All secret
Watch the wilted worm
With your eyes closed

Coveted and worn
Like Diamonds
Bonds unbreakable
Your love
Track Name: Moshua
Your song is set in
Your song lives inside
My soul
Track Name: Arizona
Great Big Family
Your home
A rolling home
Keeps rolling on

Great Big Warrior
Your eyes
Are eagle eyes
Dark eagle eyes

But we were afraid
Of what would happen
We were afraid
We knew what would happen

The eldest of our children
He's having trouble breathing this air
So pack it up we're leaving
Bending back our bows of horse hair

We're waving to our friends now
They're bleeding into golden backgrounds
We're aiming for the West Lands
We'll grow up in the desert hands

Why are we turning back around?

Oh, dear God, we said forever
Oh, my Lord, we slept together
Oh, dear God, it's for the better
Oh, my Lord

That's why we don't live in Arizona
Track Name: Wheat-Germ Mother
Give to each other
There's no need for words
See the butter-leaves
Rest on our shoulders

A Wheat-Germ Mother
Glowing with birth
And out came two brothers
Full of the earth

Lay low
Stay still
Keep quiet

My child, those boys run wild

We set our hooves on fire
And split for the tree-line
Through teeth of barb and wire
And the creek of white wine

We swam as two little white doves
Danced on our tails
We'll weave two baskets of love
From the smoke of our trails

Lay low
Stay still
Keep quiet

My child, those creature are wild
Track Name: Raised in Glory
Sewn in weakness
Raised in power
Sewn in dishonor
Raised in Glory

Raise them up
Oh King of Justice

Child of David
Wash your hands
Son of David
Wash their feet

You are my only son

Have I gone too deep
Am I asleep, Lord?
Give me a sign

A tender shoot
A dried up root
He's burning branches with no fruit

Lord, I'm not worthy to die like you
Put my head on the ground

Washa, Washa, Washa
Wake up, child
The half has not been told

Root of Jesse
Root of Blessing
Bring the remnant back to You

Seek the Lord you shall be called
"Repairer of Broken Walls"
Track Name: Breakfast Song
Red iron bones 'neath blankets white
A breakfast song
Kettle is ready and stove is bright
A breakfast song

Red iron bones, blankets white

Passing the time that draws us near
In fleeting love
Left in a note on tables here
Deep, deep love

New born baby suns
Whistling through tender tongues
Silver orbits run
Tracing our deep, deep love

Deep, deep love.


Red iron bones, blankets white
Track Name: I AM in Everything, Everywhere
I AM in Everything, Everywhere
Track Name: There Is No Death
There is no death! The stars go down
To rise upon some other shore

And bright in Heaven's jeweled crown
They'll shine forevermore

There is no death! The forest leaves
Convert to life the viewless air

Oh, the rocks disorganize to feed
The hungry moss they bear

There is no death! This dust we tread
Shall change beneath the summer showers

To golden grain or mellow fruit
Or a rainbow-tinted flower

And ever near us, though unseen
The dear immortal spirits tread
Throughout the boundless universe
There is Life! There is Life!
There are no dead

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