What Wonder is this Universe!

by the Soil & the Sun

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Bradley Williams
Bradley Williams thumbnail
Bradley Williams I found out about The Soil & The Sun through a video at ilikegiving.com. I can't express in words how much this band has meant to me lately, especially this album (What Wonder is this Universe). It is my ideal sound I want to hear in a band, and their lyrics are so powerful. So bummed I missed them on their tour with From Indian Lakes. Hopefully I won't miss them next time they roll through southern California. Favorite track: You Alone Know.
Nathan Didlake
Nathan Didlake thumbnail
Nathan Didlake There is so much movement in this song. So much build. Then, out of nowhere, a killer DELIVER ME!

Chills, man. Chills. Favorite track: You Alone Know.
Swaffy thumbnail
Swaffy Down-to-earth, lovely set of people who make life changing music. From the instrumentation to their vocals and lyrics, their music is such a joy to listen to while I'm relaxing at home. Favorite track: I Know It (I Feel It, Too).
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This album was recorded in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Hoi Polloi. It was mixed and mastered by Chad Wahlbrink.


released August 20, 2012

Special thanks to:

Timbre Cierpke - Harp
Curt Kiser - Vibraphone
Isaac Karns - Sampler
Mason Self - Snare drum/Gang vocals
James Tuthill - Gang vocals
Dylan Gunnett - Art Direction
Our Grand Rapids community



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the Soil & the Sun Grand Rapids

the Soil & the Sun are, of course, great partners in the mystery that is creating life, making things grow.

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Track Name: Through These Walls
Were you the one who passed
Through these walls
As we took our bath

Were you the one who laughed
Down these halls
As we learned our math

Our mother draped sheets over our heads
Warm lines cross her face
Our father made trees grow from his hands
Dark lines, empty space
Track Name: One Woman
One woman
One woman
My love
One Woman

Korea? No.
Antigua? No.
Through it all
One woman

She's alive
She is living
My love
One woman
Track Name: The Devil Made Me Do It
Devil gonna make me fear? No.
A body's bound to disappear
Swallowed up in the ground

Everything I need is here, home.
Sad ghosts on the window sill
open up, let 'em out

Righteous man gonna preach at me? Well...
I ain't gonna say a word
No stone around my neck

Heaven, I know, is coming near, sure.
But I don't really wanna go right now
I'm only at the start

Crooked man gonna scare my kids? Hm.
We live and die in the promised land
It's not about to change

Devil gonna bother me? No.
I told 'em all they'd better leave
I opened up my mouth
Track Name: You Alone Know
Drawn out like a sword
A river running through my fellow man
Into my hands

Coming back to break me
Build it tall to cut it down
Give me sight or make me blind

On the ground I get
Feel who created it
In the brook I bathe
Bare, before your gaze
From the summit see
Material that I don't need

I don't need to understand
Every word you speak to me
I don't need to recognize
Every truth, every time
I don't need a bigger noise

All I need is to hear your voice

One dichotic seed
Buried down inside of me
Jaws like a holy war
Claws like a burning sore
It never ends, I'm caught up in
What it'd be like
To lose your love

Building up our sanctuary
In the walls of Babylon
Free my body, heal my mind

Under the surface locked in
Some presupposed history
And all my biggest talking
Won't bring him home, back to me

It's a thin line you're walking on
And I can find fault in anyone
So, watch what you say
Watch what you say

I thought I'd be much stronger
As my hair is getting longer
My Pillar of Wisdom
Pillar of Wisdom

The world under water
Slowly lifts us to the Father
But time is not my own
Time is not my own

I know it's freedom that's been given
From the curses that we've lived in
Remind me Your Name
Remind me Your Name

Yes, it's foolish what I'm saying
You should hear what I've been praying
For any other way
Any other way

Deliver me, Deliverer
Good Spirit, come, Good Giver
What wonder is this universe!
In every heart unending worlds

You know
You alone know
Track Name: Who Is He, Anyway?
Sleeping in the bow
We all want to know how
You're not afraid
Of the down pouring rain

We're casting out our lots
You should call on your god
Who is he, anyway?
We know you've been running
And stowing away
But our ship is sinking
Somebody better pay

He said, "The Lord is my God
He created me
The wind in the trees
The waves on the seas
And all things beneath them
Yes, I am the guilty one
Cast it all on me"

As we gave him up to the deep
You know, it's a funny thing
The sky became clear
And it filled me with fear
Who's this God that He hears us?
What I could not conceive
Now I've seen and believed it
Track Name: I Know It (I Feel It, Too)
Spirit softly settle
In the belly of your temple
Seeping out into every channel
Here it comes
Winding through the grasses
As the cool of evening passes
Oh, my God! What have we been up to?
Hide me from You

When the shadow swept up over me
Deep into the veil I could see
Swear I saw a sign of seven stars
In Your hand, where I want to be
Now, visions fill our eyes like summer rain
The earth we knew I know will be re-made
Here is skin and bone and blood and veins
Break the seal, never be afraid again

Wild, wicked wind
Whirring and whistling
Be still and listen

See, be not blind
All is unwinding
Perfect in timing

How? I don't know
Spoken in secret
Never repeated

Look, all around
What's gonna happen?
I can't imagine

Eyes, open wide
Lamps dimming slowly
Suddenly glowing

New, all things new
I'm gonna see it
I know it! (I feel it, too)